Here you will find all the info compiled in one place taken from everywhere on other platforms in the internet.

WE are mostly active on our facebook page┬ábut hey! a true gangster doesn’t get stopped by tools and stuff like that. We are here to cover you !

The Yoga Gang is a group that was born and kept alive by the joint will of two lovely mega Gangsters JOAO and SANDY back in Copenhagen. After looking around they felt the need to have a space where teachers and practitioners could come free of expectations to experiment, share and try out their wish and vision of yoga, meditation and holistic well being. Watch here:

Years have passed, people have joined and left the Gang, but the soul of it is still very much alive and kicking.

THE YOGA GANG is now in Portugal by the hands of its founder JOAO and still in Denmark by the hands of its founder SANDY. Follow all its activities here or on the facebook page by clicking here.

If you want to contact us to ask questions, to join us, purpose new gangster moves feel free to send a message in a bottle or simply head to the contact form!