Sandy is a self-declared geek, there are very few things Sandy enjoys as much as being defined as a geek. From couch potato to yoga teacher, it was a spark of passion, a journey begins from trying to get a smaller waistline and moves onto discovering peace and learning to enjoy and love her own being.

Joao takes deep gratitude into support, help, sometimes even carry others, just by being there – present, capacitate and nourish. Not only in the various social interactions and diverse projects he works with but mostly the human beings he has had the pleasure to share his privileged experience in this world and realm of life. He is grateful for all and everyone he has the honor and insight to live with.
He started more than two years ago facilitating meditation sessions, which evolve into doing a yoga teacher training. And since then he has join Sandy in spreading The Yoga Gang, done yoga & mediations events, facilitated private one-to-one and group sessions all over Copenhagen.
Joao initiated a new yoga practice called Laya Yoga Adapted This practice comes out of a deep meditative state-of-being into a surrender to any freedom of movement and asana practice. His roll is to mainly guide and support the encounter with each and everyones inner voice and nourish that path to a tailored and individual yoga practice.
He also writes thoughts & insights that make him question and guide him deeper within. Find all of that in his blog and his posts on audio format to listen on the go, follow, read and listen at here or the facebook group here.


TYG is blessed to have on board dozens more of yoga facilitators and enthusiasts.
Their backgrounds vary, but all share the same core interest: sharing the practice with others to not only impact a better life for those who attend, but also for the ones who facilitate. It’s a 2 way thing, all is. Plus with the TYG on the top of it all we support people in need in many points of the world, through our charity partnerships.
Here are the faces of some of them – please bare in mind that it’s hard to keep updating with the pace and the rate of the new ones who join everyday. But we will make it happen at some point.