New Partners – New Sessions – New Gangster Opportunities

We have partnered with The Salina Project (official website in danish here) and Folkets Hus in nørrebro (official website in english here) to bring all our beloved gangsters more and greater yoga gang sessions.

This is a step that is very close to our hearts and The Yoga Gang’s vision. From now on all the donations you support our sessions with will be given away to charity and any longer to pay for the space we are using. All will be given to The Salina Project which operates a support center in the Thurbe district in Mumbai, where sex workers and their children can access a calm, care and support environment.

On the top of that, we will try to host two sessions, per week. So mark your calendars and join us either on tuesdays from 19-21 for what we call THE SLOW DOWN GANG PRACTICE or on saturdays from 10:30-12 for THE ACTIVE GANG PRACTICE (*more info on this sessions on the menu). The more you join the better for you and for the women and children in India.Udover mad og sociale aktiviteter vil børnene, der kommer i centeret, snart kunne modtage undervisning.

Brought to you with love by The Yoga Gang founders,

Joao & Sandy



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