How it works

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What is the cost?
Our intention is not to make any money off of this but there is a 3€ suggested minimum donation per person per session. The principle behind this is very simple, first the studio needs to pay the rent, then we want it to be for everyone don’t matter what social class, or wealth level. Furthermore, we want to keep people coming not because they paid a membership or a monthly fee, but because they understand and feel the importance of what is being given to them. Lastly, the responsibility every person will feel out of deciding the value they can and they feel each session must be.

As it is now there are 3x weekly donation based meditation sessions in Lisbon, Portugal, at Equilibrium Studio in RATO (sundays), looking for a location (mondays) and Mariposa Studio in BAIXA (tuesdays) – specific locations here.


This practice is envision to be part of your weekly routine activities, it starts at 19:15 and will be over at 20:30.  From times to times it will follow a Satsang session to explore the meanings  of life and meditation and listen to contemporary and ancient insights, check The Yoga Gang facebook page here to keep updated or simply contact us by email to know when will this happen.


This practice is envision to be an kick on the week, an energizing boost to continue the week – a great opportunity to relax, find the peace and listen to the body within. It starts at 18:00 and finishes at 19:30.


Check The Yoga Gang facebook page here to keep updated and to see our schedule and sessions or simply contact us by email or the contact form below. Please always confirm if there will be a session simply by checking the event on the facebook page or by sending a message.

It’s simple! No booking, no cancelling, you just need to show up at least 5 minutes before session and:

What to Bring? 
An open heart and if possible comfortable clothing.
Your own mat, blanket and pillow (or borrow the ones available in the studios!)