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The Yoga Gang Outdoor session Numbah 7

Date: Thursday 21st, 2016
Time: 16:00-17:30
Location: Grass patch next to the Opera
Teacher: Sandy

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The Yoga Gang session 9

Date: Sunday July 17th, 2016
Time: 12:00 – 15:00
Location: Energy workshop, Christiania

Yin yoga for upper body with Sandy 

Vinyasa with Ida



The Yoga Gang session 8

Date: Sunday June11th, 2016
Time: 12:00 – 15:00
Location: Energy workshop, Christiania


About the yin class with Sandy 

We practiced a juicy hip sequence today with a lot of hip rotations and we used the massage balls to get into our psoas muscle, which was very effective. We ended the practice with some spinal release poses and it was all fantastic energy. 🙂

About Ida

My name is Ida. I’m a 23 year old danish girl, who has just taken my 200 hours teachers training in Rishikesh, Northindia, and is very excited to start teaching! I believe in a holistic understanding of the body, connecting the physical body with the mind using yoga as a tool. I love how a great vinyasa flow makes my body feel, but I also love some deep stretching. I’m going to start a education at a private gymnastic institut called Gotved Instituttet this September. The education is called ‘bevægelsespædagog’ in danish(movement educator in english). If anyone should be interested. The education is in danish and is about movements, anatomi, bodyawareness and massage. I’m looking forward to teach you a vinyasa class this Saturday.

Here’s a snapshot from today’s classes:


The Yoga Gang session 7

Date: Sunday June11th, 2016
Time: 12:00 – 15:00
Location: Energy workshop, Christiania


The Yoga Gang session 6

Date: Sunday June11th, 2016
Time: 12:00 – 15:00
Location: Energy workshop, Christiania


My name is Maria Anemone I am 26 years old. I Teach vinyasa and yin yoga with focus on stress- and pain relief. In my Daily life I teach occipational Therapy at Metropolitan University College. I am an occasional therapist my self and have a Marsters degree in Sociology. I have practiced yoga for 7 years, to reduce back pain in my own body, and I bring my own experiences in to my teaching. Other then that I have gluten intolerance and a big knowledge about nutrition. I share my healthy gluten- and sugarfree recipes for cakes, snacks, drinks and breakfast on my blog

Anne Sofie

My name is Sofie and I’m 24. I’ve been practicing yoga on a regular basis for 2 years now, but fell in love with it for the first time when I was 17. I graduated from a 1-year dance education in 2014, during which I truly discovered the benefits of yoga. Last year I finished my 200-hour yoga teacher-training course. I’m the daughter of two physiotherapists, who taught me the importance of body maintenance through movement, stretching and proper alignment/body posture, which are three keywords that I intend to bring into my practice both as a teacher and as a student.

The Yoga Gang session 5
Date: Sunday June11th, 2016
Time: 12:00 – 15:00
Location: Energy workshop, Christiania




The Yoga Gang Outdoor session Numbah 4
Date: Sunday May 29th, 2016
Time: 12:00 – 13:30
Location: Grass patch next to the Opera
Teacher: Joao


Today we had a traditional Hatha inspired sequence with pranayama, chants and long hold of poses. Today also marks the highest attendance rate we have ever had! With the sunshine and calm, slow practice some of the yogis finished off the session with a dip into the ocean.



The Yoga Gang Session 4

Date: May 21. (Saturday)
Power Vinyasa yoga with Taylor                  12:00-13:15
Mindfulness & Meditation with Joao         13:30-14:45
It was full moon today! Taylor blessed us with a nice slow flow started with some yin in the beginning and held poses in between vinyasas. Joao guided us through a mindfulness meditation followed by visualisation meditation. Thank you for today!

The Yoga Gang Outdoor Session 3

Thank you for joining us today and thanks for the wonderful Hatha class with Joao. We had the pleasure of stunning weather today and some young gang members joining us.



The Yoga Gang Session 3

Date: May 7. (Saturday)
11:00-12:15: Savour the moment slow flow with Sandy
12:30-13:45: Yin yoga with Aura
11:00-12:15  Session 3A 
Savour the moment: Slow flow with Sandy
Can we truly be slow? In constant, fast movements we find escape, escape from our discomfort, sensations or emotions that we don’t like. In this session we are going to dig our trenches and try find courage in our breaths, to see if we can learn to face our slow self, and perhaps even try to tolerate and enjoy it.
Sandy is a self-declared geek, there are very few things Sandy enjoys as much as being defined as a geek. From couch potato to yoga teacher, it was a spark of passion, a journey begins from trying to get a smaller waistline and moves onto discovering peace and learning to enjoy and love her own being.
12:30 – 13:45  Session 3 B
Yin yoga with Aura
Hi yoga gangsters!
Come and join me for a lovely yin yoga practice on Saturday May 7th starting at 12:30. We’ll spend the class digging deep into the tissues of our bodies, relaxing and letting go through slow and passive stretches. We’re working towards a well grounded and balanced feeling, and will create more calm space both in our bodies and our minds.
Yin yoga is good for everybody and every kind of body, so tag along even if you haven’t tried it before! Looking forward!



I’m a long time practitioner of yoga, with practice spreading over the past 15+ years. During that time I’ve trained in many different styles of yoga, like hatha, ashtanga, bikram, vinyasa and yin yoga.

The styles of yoga I feel most at home with are a flowing but soft kind of vinyasa and a slow and accepting yin practice. I approach yoga and teaching with humor, and emphasize safe alignment and uncomplicated technique.


The yoga gang outdoor pop up session Nr.2 (May 5.)

What better thing is there to do on this beautiful day than to practice in the sun?
A cheeky pop up session at 14:00 on this sunny holiday, we had a slow practice with long holds in the blue blue sky.

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The yoga gang outdoor pop up session Nr.1 (May 2.)


What better thing is there to do on this beautiful day than to practice in the sun?
A cheeky pop up session at 18:00 after work, we saluted to the sun and in our comfiest of clothes and  gangster shades.


Session 2 April 24.
Power vinyasa & Laya yoga


Power vinyasa yoga
Vinyasa is a flow class that is inspired by ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa means breath-synchronized movement, power vinyasa stresses one breath one movement and by the synchronization of breath and movement it guides practationers into a moving meditative state.

Laya yoga 
Laya yoga is targeted to non-beginner yogis, and is an Advanced Asana Self-Practice from a Facilitated deep meditative state of being.


Session 1 April 17.
Slow flow & mindfulness meditation


Facilitators’ notes
For me this is a class about state of mind, our spines and how it feels in our spine takes up so much of our focuses everyday – with or without us thinking about it. IT IS the center of your body, and  I believe it is so connected with our minds. Bring your good wills to it and take absolutely good care of it, it is said that you only feel as old as your spine!

The meditation practices I facilitate are grounded in simplifying what are the complex thoughts we sometimes have about meditation states of being. My aim is to transfer tools to use meditation outside of the shalas, on the streets, in whatever daily task we put our hands on. our minds, like our muscles require practice to be healthy and supportive. In this session, we learn the focus on the sensations of the body – the physical dimensions of the self. The most hands-on way to bring your mind back to the present moment and calm the flow of thoughts, welcoming them, observing them. The inhale and its fresh sensation. The exhale and its warmth. The temperature, the weight, the pressure and all the many physical sensations your hands can have in contact with your body. And the listening to your mind wanting to get you out of stillness.